Wedding Invitation Design Less Than 10 Minutes

Wedding Invitation Design Less Than 10 Minutes
how to create wedding invitations

A few days ago I asked an opinion to my FB friends because I wanted to make a design tutorial again. The choice between that time is how to create a calendar design or how to create a wedding invitation design.

Then, one of my friends Saiful Baidawi Kali Pentest asked to make a wedding invitation design only. Because he was really desperate to get made, as a result be now. Hahahaaa

For those who want to get married, it would be necessary to make a wedding invitation. Yes we can rent design services or directly to the printing. But if you can make your own, certainly more proud right? Well, for those of you who want to make their own wedding invitation design, I want for how to make a wedding invitation design ya.
Not hard really, as long as willing to learn. And if it still can not really, I love the template design, so you just edit aja. Delicious right? Hehe

Enter your email in the sidebar (if open via pc means there is on the top right, if open via hp means there is below after this article).

We start from planning first design wedding invitations will be contrived how. Want to be made a modern kah, the minimalist kah, the rame kah, who how? In my example, I want to design a wedding invitation later simpel aja, minimalist but still elegant. If you want to find inspiration cool wedding invitation designs, you can search aja on google, or at, there quite a lot of wedding invitation design that make drool. If it is, then we start to make the design of his wedding invitation in corel draw, as usual I use corel draw x7. The process of making this design is not more than 10 minutes, but if you directly edit the template I love ya can only 5 minutes.

How to create wedding invitation design in corel draw Step 1: Create a startup This opening letter can be replaced in accordance with the customs of each yes, if I was imitated from his marriage invitation people abroad.

ere I make the writing parallel to the right left so it looks symmetrical. So there is a word that size smaller or larger. Just type aja (use Text Tool) and hold drag to zoom in or out. How the details can be seen in the video yes. For the color, just adjust the main image in the design let me look harmonious. Step 2: Make the flower image to be vector Why is it made vector? Let more cool, let its artistic value more felt. Why draw flowers? Because the flowers are identical with the wedding, but if you want to be replaced with another yes please, just adjust the same theme marriage. The way to stay the image continues to import to corel draw and make a vector through the tool trace bitmap. Well, later the results will be somewhat less good so it needs to be polished. Details on video yes.

Step 3: Create a closing paper Same aja process with when we make the opening note earlier. The difference is the contents, if here's to show the time and place of procurement of wedding ceremony. If you want to add also can. Step 4: write the name of the bride Because this had made the invitation design for our own, so his name we dong name. just info that the name of the bride below is a mere engineering (except the guy) Hahahaaa. The trick is simple, just make a circle as the background of his writings (because it will be placed on top of the flower picture, if the text will not be plasticity) continue to be made transparent (check the video) and after that we make the writing and put deh on it circle.

Step 5: create a background texture of the paper Let the invitation look more artistic again, make the background there is texture paper, but if for example the invitation paper will already have texture like so it does not need to be contrived so its design (so this also adjusts to the invite media). How to stay for the box continue to import the image texture (search on google a lot) and enter into the box use the tool Powerclip. Step 6: beautify the design This is usually the last step after our main design so. Because usually there is aja that make us less fit the design, so that it needs to be re-examined each finished making the design. In my example this is still too minimalist. Hehe

So I added the pieces of the flower on each corner of the box. And not magic is not magic, be more cool. Step 7 (last): organize the design objects If everything is made, starting from the opening and closing, then the pictures to the decorations, then it's time to do the arrangement to look harmonious. In my design I do all the center setting so it looks aligned from top to bottom. If you want different contrived also please, according to taste.
And last most recent, optional hell, can be tried affixed to the picture mockup wedding invitation to see the result, as I do. Well from here, we have completed the design of his wedding invitation, live dieskpor to JPEG format and ready deh to be printed. How? Easy way to make your own wedding invitation design? If you want more easy and practical, just download the template file design wedding invitation. Just enter the email in the sidebar newsletter and later you can download the file. Oh yes, if you have a friend who wants to get married, you try to share them. Who knows they need an article how to create their own wedding invitation design. Of course your friends will be very proud because it can make your own design.
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