How to Make Banner Food Products That Can Make Selling Sweet Sales

How to Make Banner Food Products That Can Make Selling Sweet Sales

1 Create a background banner
Background I use a white wooden board image let the product look contrast and clean. In addition I really like a simple design, it also can make people focus on the product when viewing our banner design. If you want to be replaced with another image please, adjust with your product. You can search in google and look for a no label site (usually there is shutterstock). If so, insert the image in corel draw by pressing Ctrl + i or File-Import.

2 Editing plates as product media

Because I want the product to appear on the plate then I need a picture plate. Just googling aja, select the right. If it is, just enter into corel draw. After that I want the design was his plate cut in half, which I will later half change into writing. So here I apply cropping techniques. Click on the plate object and click on the crop tool in the toolbox. Select the area you w

Then after that we make a shadow or shadowing. Click on the plate object and click the drop shadow tool in the toolbox. And place the cursor on the plate, click and hold and drag down somewhat to the left, adjust the distance and then loose the click. Finally subtract the drop shadow opacity above (property bar) to 20.

3 Editing products (Ubi crack) Important ya this technique, because if the product is left just so the same packaging or photo of origin so eventually less interesting, it needs to be edited. Here we remove the background and take only the picture of the product. I use photoshop to crop the picture. The following stages (out so see the video let me better understand): Enter the image by double-clicking it in the Photoshop work area. Click 2 times in the backgorund and click OK in the dialog menu that appears. To cut it I use Pentool, just press the letter P. After that click on the edge of the object until you see the starting point and the end point. And right click - Make selection - feather radius 2px - click OK Continue Cut and Paste, then delete the background layer earlier. To beautify, edit its brightness by pressing ctrl + M and point the curve upwards to make it brighter. Then click ctrl + L continue to set the left-right let me sharper colors. After that save deh, let me later be put into corel draw. Well, then we make to kremes sweet potato there can be a shadow. The same way kayak ngedit plate earlier. And in my concept there is part kremesnya that cut like kayak plate earlier, how ya same. 4 Create promotional posts Next is to make writing to promote the product. In my concept, the shape later I want to make like a half circle to complement the clipped plate earlier. I use the CHCMP fonts (can be changed according to taste), after all written, new deh set to be able to fit the concept. The words need to be downplayed, some are raised, raised, lowered, and so on (see video yes). For the color I chose a rather soft red color that can attract interest to buy people who see the banner design. And the color is also in harmony with the white background color.

Oh yes, this is also an important part, promotional words should be interesting and can explain the purpose of your product, let the design can work with the maximum (the effect on the view). 5 Editing products part II This is for additional, which was the product or content, well this is the packaging let me see thoroughly how the hell our product. The way is the same as when editing the image of the product that kremes earlier. Edited in photoshop and using Pentool. Because the shape of boxes so, so ngeditnya easier.

After that new deh inserted into corel draw, change the size so small and place in the corner let me not disturb the main display of the product. 6 Create a design sweetener This sweetener for banner design more interesting again, let me perform optimally. Can be filled with slogan or tagline of our product. Here I create a colored object such as the writing and placed below as an accent and place the product tagline
7 Lists the product logo
Last of the last nih, do not forget to put the logo. Can just put it in a corner. Oh yes, the results of his (edits of products, writing, et al) do not forget to be arranged so look beautiful and artistic. And tadaaa, the product banner design is complete, and here it is.

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