How to Create a Poster With Corel Draw [Blogger Motivation Posters]

 How to Create a Poster With Corel Draw [Blogger Motivation Posters]

The last few days I did not update on this blog, other than because of disk usage limitation (because it used to initially nyoba so choose small) also because I somewhat decreased the motivation to update again. Well finally deh mind to make a poster that can motivate, ya later can be used as wallpaper hp or pc or even printed and stick affixed deh on the wall. In the article how to create a poster with this corel draw, I say that there is another tool besides corel draw. But because I usually only use corel draw, then I use this, if there are other tools can also be used. In addition there will be tutorials, I also provide a template that can be edited and you use as needed. Okay, ready? As always, there will be several stages that we need to pass before we can make the poster. Oh yes, I did not make the video because the quota would run out. Sad. So if later there are less clear, can be asked in the comment field yes, or in fb also allowed.
Part I: Create a Poster Sketch Before we go on how to create a poster with the following corel draw, first we need to make sketches first, make it a habit to make sketches first let me clearly want to design it like. What do you need to sketch? His words. This is the main thing, it was want to make a poster, it is clear there must be a word right, yes can still doang image. But our story will make a poster motivation. In this example, I want to create a poster with the following words: Main: "We're not regular bloggers." Supporters: "We Blogger Indonesia is not just looking for money. We have a bigger mission of sharing, whatever that is. Information, views, thoughts, resources, tools, experiences or even just share a smile. By sharing, we can unite all of that and create works that are worth to be proud of. Salam Blogger Indonesia. " The size of the poster. For size I make A4 size. If you want another size is also not a problem. The important first set as needed. If you want to print posternya in A3 can also. Font used. Actually it could be up to use what font, according to taste aja. If I was using dozen fonts and calibri. For dozen fonts you can download here. Keep up so do not forget to install first font. Live copas aja font file in Windows Fonts. The color composition. In coloring, you should note the harmony of color, so do not carelessly choose the color. Here I use a little red pink (do not know his name, hehe), just as white as cream so, and black. Layout of all objects. After determining the things above that, it should be considered also later layout (layout) would be how. Well but this usually comes up the idea fit to make in corelnya anyway. So just right to fit the design. Artificial sweeteners. This means let me not crisp. Hehe. Either later added what effect or what object. Usually this also appears the idea of ​​fitting the design.

Part II: Creating Poster With Corel Draw

And it comes to the awaited moment, we enter the core of how to create a poster with corel draw. I use Corel Draw X7, so it might be different appearance sekit-least bit punyamu if corelnya another version.

First make first picture box use Rectangle Tool (F6). It measures 21.5cmx33cm. Keep coloring the same color you choose. If I have I use the color code # E36266.

Second, the love of the quotes. How:

Click on Text Tool (F8) and select the type of Dozen font that has been installed earlier. Or else it's up to you. Keep typing the quotation mark (").
Love the color darker than the color of the box. I use the color code # D15E62. Keep entering the box. Click quotation marks earlier, continue to select menu Object - Powerclip - Place inside frame. Set its position as you wish by right clicking in the box and select Edit PowerClip.

Third, make the writing. The main posts use the font Dozen and the supporters use Calibri fonts. How: Click on the Text Tool, select Dozen fonts. Keep typing the appropriate sentence. To organize the sentence, you can enter each word. It makes ya like me. Set the size of the font let gedenya fit with the box. Make quotes on the sentence (rather big) and the other down (a bit small). I use color code #FFDFBD. Keep writing small words that support the sentence, use calibri font size kecilin. Well, to be able to make proportional. After selecting the text tool, click on workspace to hold and drag. Just deh after it is typed.

Fourth, let add sweet, love signature. There is a signature is the same logo (if this, there is already a guide: make logo design). So now I describe how to make a signature aja. Click Freehand Tool (F5), continue to make a signature, hold your mouse continue gerakin like make a signature, finished release. (the beginning would be a bit difficult if not familiar).

Continue to double-click the color box at the bottom right corner, well it appears the dialog box tuh. Fill in accordance kayak below gini aja. Keep OK.

Fifth, set all the objects that have been made according to taste. If you want the same with me also please. From here we have finished making the poster. Part III: Finishing and Poster ready to use The last step is to export the file into PNG or JPEG. Selection first all the objects continue to click Ctrl + E, continue to select the file type PNG or JPEG. Later dialog box appears, wait a moment let the picture appear and click OK. And that's how to create a poster with corel draw (my version). Hope to follow ya. Hehehe… How? Already so? Where is yours? Share ya in fb, we see how the results. And for temen-temen who want to directly edit from the template can also kok, please download in the popup that appears later yes. If you feel this tutorial is useful, share it to your friends.
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