Make Lens Effect With CorelDRAW

Make Lens Effect With CorelDRAW

Regards Wandani, hello all this time we will quote the tips from our friend ilmugrafis blog, we pack in the english language, hopefully his language is not messed up. Just go to the material. In this tutorial we will try to create or apply Lens Effect on CORELDRAW (all starting version 11,12, X3, X4), with this tutorial we hope to develop ourselves from the use of Lens Effect according to our respective imagination. The steps are as follows:

Let's start this Basic Coreldraw Tutorial this time :

1. Definitely open CorelDraw and create a blank page

2. Make some circles like the picture below

After that, select the two circles left and then combine (Ctrl + L) then give Black color, and make a small circle again so as in the picture below,

    Make Group (Ctrl + G) all the Right section circles, then select all objects and centerkan (C).

3. Make one big circle (bigger than first circle) and give white color, put it as you wish in the picture       below

     Remove Out Line.
4. Transparent the white circle by using Transparency tool.

Then will come out sub menu above, select radial.

After that, input the White circle object to the black circle using Power Clip (Effect >> Power Clip >> Place Inside Continer), Put As You Want, Make a new object square and use Text Tool then click on the line (right on the line object ) Square, write at will, Ungroup (Ctrl + U) first right circle and select a small circle, white and transparage using Transparency Tool and select linear.

6. Select the circle yag had one group with a small circle, then click Effect >> Lens on the menu

Then will appear Docker Window as shown below.

Choose Magnify, customized Amount to our liking, so it becomes as shown below

And we live export it into JPEG to make it a bitmap
Docker Window: Window that displays Commands that we can use when we do editing

The result:

Magnifying glass

Thank you and hopefully useful, Good luck and Learning Coreldraw

Source: Ilmugrafis

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