Creating Logo APPLE, Inc

Creating Logo APPLE, Inc

Welcome Back at, this time we will learn how to make apple inc logo, the source of this article we quoted still in blog ilmugrafis, just direct to the design topic.
Who never eats Apples? Ups, I mean anyone who does not know Apple, Inc. (Formerly Apple Computer, Inc.) a Silicon Valley company based in Cupertino, California, which is engaged in computer technology. Apple was instrumental in the personal computer revolution of the 1970s with its Apple II product and its advancement from the 1980s to the present with the Macintosh. Apple is famous for its hardware creation, such as the iMac, Macbook, iPod song player device, and mobile phones that currently reap a lot of controversy ie the iPhone 4 because "Antenna" is problematic. Some of the ciptaanya software is able to compete in the creative field such as Final Cut Pro video editors, Logic Pro sound editors and iTunes iTunes player which also functions as an online song store.

Enough with Apple's history, let's continue with our Theme of Creating an Apple Logo. This tutorial I tried to make an apple logo with simple gradations, transperancy and some other tools, please note, here we are not concerned with the results, but how to develop basic techniques to make the logo a little difficult.

The steps:

1. Open corel as usual lalau press Ctrl + N

2. Create a perpendicular line using Bezier Tools, this line that we will make a mirror.

3. Then create the form as below by using Bezier Tools again.

Notice the red beroutline field, and the black one is the Mirror we created for the first time. After you build it like that, then click Shape Tool, then select all nodes visible on the red beroutline wake, click convert to curve (this is what I mean skip, ditutorial before have any explanation for this step, please read!) Then adjust the curve Be like the picture below.

4. Then click Smart Fill Tool
After that click on the inside object beroutline red, it will be like this

Then copy the mirror of the dark blue part above

Selection of the two objects above and then Click Weld 

5. Then create a circle like in the picture below

Selection of red outline circle >> Press Shift> Click the blue object >> Click on Trim (Trim Tools previously I have explained also in other tutorial.) Then color with Blue Blue (light blue) then it will be like this

6. Then let's make a leaf for this apple, Click Bezier tools then create object above the right apple as shown below.

Using the Shape Tool, change the red outline object above to be as shown below

Coloring with Light Blue is like the first object.

7. The next step is to make gradations that I have mentioned above. First we will color the object applenya, create a copy and zoom out in the apple object, note the red outline apda image below

Then color with white, then click Transparency Tool, click the white color then transperancykan from under the ketas, as in the picture below

I guess I do not have to explain about transparency tool because it is in other tutorial has been discussed.
8. Click the Bezier Tool and create a line like in the picture below

Then with the shape tool change to be like in the right object in the picture above. Click Smart Fill Tool, click on the red Outline, it will be like in the picture below.

Then give white color then Transperacykan with the reverse direction of the first, note the picture above.

9. Half so, let's gradation leaves from this Apple. Look at the picture below.

Figure 1, make a copy like we did above, picture 2, color with white then Transperancykan like picture 3. Then click Bezier Tools and make a line, look again picture below.

he picture above is enough to explain, because the steps are the same as what we do on the first object earlier.

10. If we look at it as a whole, it's finished, but let's make a variation. Select both the blue background object (Apple and leaf) Object and press Ctrl + G then Ctrl + F9 (Contour) then set as shown below

Click Apply then already, so stay how we operate it, as I made below.

Thank to

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