Creating an Envelope Effects Page Layout

Creating an Envelope Effects Page Layout

Back again at, this time we will still discuss the tips of coreldraw that we launch from the page ilmugrafis we repeated in the form of english, hopefully his translation is not chaotic.Of course we may often wonder, how do ngedisain writing in a Tabloid magazines or newspapers can write his writing along the plot, calm because it also I ever experienced ...

Well here I will tell you how, essentially everything is easy if we know how ...
And never give up before trying ... ;-p

What do we need?
1. Pictures for the look of the magazine we will make.
In order to make it easier to temporarily wear a white background image


Sasuke Uciha Image (Save As above image if you do not have one)

2. Prepare the text / posts that will be created as the contents of the page

3. Play the Music .... Let's Gooooo ....

Time to be creative ...

- The steps:
1. Open the coreldraw app ... select new

2. Copy the text then to the worksheet coreldraw then press F8 to activate the Pen Tool then make the first room for the text to be moved by holding the left click and drag it from the top left to the bottom right so that the text can be as expected and paste (ctrl - v) the text into the text space that has been created in the coreldraw worksheet.

3. The most fun part ... That is inserting ... The picture means ...
Now we enter the picture (File - Import - select picture - OK - then when in the worksheet then "Hold left click" and drag to give space on the image)

Is the text closed? Calm ... Calm ...
To fix it you right click the image and select Order - To Back Of Layer

4. Click the text / writing on your worksheet ... After that, hehehe ...Time to give effect Envelope (Effects - Envelope) Select Add new - Apply

And ... Back to the text ... See the difference? Do not know? Just try tweaking the top left side (Use  left click and hold then drag / slide) Now the writing is dynamic ...

5. Change the arrows and Customize with the picture ...
The result:

Well so ya ya tabloid ....? Not yet...

Stay in the Blaze ... it depends on your own creativity ... Thx to

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